New and Exciting ways to .500

When last we spoke, the Cardinals had turned a corner. They were on a 5 game win streak. They swept the Pirates, and they were headed into 5 games against AL teams who wouldn’t have the advantage of the DH. Things looked promising, but whatever corner they turned, they found a way to turn back, losing all 5 of those games at home and finding themselves almost right back at .500.

But as luck would have it, the Cardinals were able to stop the skid against the team everyone wants to beat the most, the Cubs. Not just because they’re the Cubs like every other year, but because they are leading the division, too. With a little bit of talent and a little bit of luck, they made it out of Wrigley with a W last night.

The talent came in the way of 3 runs from a 3 different players, most notably Moss’ absolute bomb that he hit out to right. The luck came in the 9th. Rosenthal putting 2 on and 1 out only to throw a wild pitch off the foot of the ump, the backstop, and the foot of the batter so that Yadi could get the guy out running to 3rd by about 6 inches. Lucky bounce.

I don’t know how much longer Rosenthal will be the closer. Some of the few saves he is managing to pull out have been by the skin of his teeth. Many people are calling for Oh to close, which I don’t think would be a bad thing, but something does need to shake the bullpen out of the funk that they’re in because they are the main reason for the recent skid that hopefully they started to pull out of last night.


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