Step back from the ledge.

The last few days have been kinda crazy. Let’s begin by the continuing saga of Jaime Garcia. If you look at my previous post, then you know the first part. Garcia gets shut down with shoulder soreness in his surgically repaired shoulder. When the news broke, the reporters were saying that the Cardinals would update on Monday afternoon. I was frantically checking twitter, and I came across this:

Ok. Maybe they needed a little more time to discuss treatment options or something, and so although the delay made me think that it wasn’t very good news. Fast forward to today, and I find:

Alright, now I feel like I’m getting mixed signals. Is getting a second opinion ever good? Well, apparently he asked for the second opinion before even getting the first one. This is not a surprise because Garcia has gotten advice both of the other times from Dr. Andrews as well. He told Garcia to rest, and he rested. He told Garcia to get surgery, and he got surgery. It’s interesting to see if he goes with Dr. Andrews’ advice again. For the full scoop, look here.

In other news, Rosenthal left the mound today in the middle of his live BP session. Rosenthal getting hurt is probably in the top 5 guys I would not like getting injured. (We talked out some of the guys we would not like to get injured during Monday’s question for the UCB roundtable. You should check it out.) Apparently, it was just a groin strain, and not a big deal. Nothing that would stop him in the season, and it’s nothing wrong with his arm. I’ll take it.

This is after Jordan Swagerty, who host his own blog, had to stop his attempt to come back from elbow issues, with an inflamed elbow. They say it could be just something that will happen to him because he hasn’t really pitched in a while. They’ll have to keep track of it for a little and see what happens. Maybe he’ll break the news himself on his blog.

Also announced today is that Motte is on a plan that will not get him ready for opening day. I guess that wasn’t too big of an issue. He’s not far enough removed from Tommy John for it to be too big of a surprise. I just thought he was on schedule to be available Opening Day.

So after all that bad news, I had to take a step back a minute and relax. It seemed like they are dropping like flies, but it’s probably just the speed at which these things are coming across the wire that it is seeming so bad (and we haven’t even touched on the Carlos Martinez debacle).

After all that, let’s end with a nice note: Taveras is ramping it up and getting ready to play. It’s nice to hear that he’s progressing along. That ankle injury was something that bugged him for most of the season last year. I don’t think he has more than a 50/50 shot at making the opening day roster, but so long as he’s 100% for Opening Day in Memphis, stays healthy, and produces there for a couple months, he’ll be in a Cardinal uniform before we know it.

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