Southpaws in trouble already?

There have been plenty of stories coming out of spring training. So many that I’m binge reading them more than I have been blogging the last few days. Holliday “felt dangerous” in the second half of last season. Cardinals had Tony LaRussa at camp the other day talking with Matheny, Molina, and other catchers about how to handle the rule changes with runners coming home. A great piece on Matt Carpenter by Derrick Goold. A Q&A with the Cardinals President, Bill DeWitt III, on the official site. That’s not even getting to mentioning what other bloggers have been doing, including the Playing Pepper series giving me a small view into the other teams. That’s also with the Cardinal Approval Ratings coming out, (among Daniel’s amazing writing here and here). Also, we’re in the middle of the February UCB Roundtable, which is great to hear from the other bloggers and have a discussion with them about all things Cardinals. And I’m doing a Twitter Fantasy Baseball Draft starting today. It’s enough to make my head spin just trying to keep up.

The main thing that I wanted to talk about today is a couple of southpaws. Yesterday, Kevin Siegrist took a day off, citing arm soreness. They immediately said that it was just a little sore, that they were just taking “precautionary” measures. I’m not too worried about him. It’s a small worry, but it could just be a little sore from ramping up the work getting ready for the season. I could see it not being an issue, and until someone tells me it’s time to panic, I’m not going to panic.

There was an early report that Jaime Garcia was not going to be throwing today, which would have been one of the times to panic, but although he wasn’t listed on the schedule, Matheny confirmed that he was going to throw. I’m pretty sure that if he does miss any bullpens or scheduled starts, then the entire Cardinals fan base would immediately assume we won’t see him this year. I think we’ve kinda gotten used to someone being ruled out for the season in Spring each of the last few years. It was Wainwright with Tommy John, then Chris Carpenter with all his arm issues, and Furcal with Tommy John as well. I think that some of the Cardinals fans are just waiting to hear who’s going to have a season-ending injury this year.

It’s not time to panic yet, but maybe it’s time to step back from the ledge a little bit, waiting for something to go wrong and immediately thinking the worst.

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