Almost There.

Football season officially came to a close this last weekend, and that means that it’s getting really close to Spring Training. That wonderful time of the year where people can escape from the cold weather in their neck of the woods and start watching the warmth coming from Florida. But for right now, the news is still only coming in like a trickle. Sooner rather than later, it’ll start coming in droves. Between that and my schoolwork that has started cutting more and more into my free time, I haven’t had a ton of stuff to write about. So, for you guys, I have another quick look at what everyone else has been writing about:

1. Red Schoendienst Project – For those of you who don’t know, this blog is a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers and each month, we like to get together and write about a specific project. This last one was the first that I haven’t participated in since joining the UCB. That’s because I’m very “historically challenged”. I don’t know much about history in general, and I also know very little about Cardinals history, so I left this one in the capable hands of the others. They did a great job on celebrating Red, both on and off the field, who turned 91 on Sunday.

2. One of the biggest things to happen recently is the Lance Berkman retirement. Although he was only a Cardinal for a short time, we certainly enjoyed having him, and he was crucial to getting the Cardinals a World Series ring in 2011. RetroSimba talks about that in this post from yesterday. Aaron Miles’ Fastball takes a look at it as well.

3. Some blogs are spending this down time ranking the Cardinals prospects coming into the season. Matt Whitener looks at the top 10 prospects, in both his and other people’s rankings. Cardinals Farm has been putting out his top 50 prospects, 5 at a time, including numbers 36-40 this morning.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg for things that you can find in the Cardinal blogosphere. The countdown that has been going until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training is down into the single digits, and so it won’t be long until we can see the birds on the bat in action once again.


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