What I’ve been reading lately

Well, since doing the series looking at the rotation last week, I have been without much to talk about and alot of homework to work on. This means that the “blogosphere” hasn’t been touched by my words recently, and that must be remedied. So here are some links for the things that I’ve been reading. You should check them out too!

1. C70 is doing his annual Cardinal Approval Ratings. This is a chance for you to get your ballot in and he gets a chance (as well as us when he posts the responses) to see how the fan base views some current players, former players, and the media, among others. I’m very interested in seeing how it comes out.

2. Cardinals Farm has been pushing out plenty to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the minors. Some of the prospect lists have started coming out, and he looks at where the Cardinal prospects stand in each of them, including Oscar Taveras. He also published an interview with Zach Loraine, who is from St. Louis, and that is also definitely worth a read.

3. Aaron Miles Fastball has been bringing the heat (which I really enjoy given the recent temps) as well. They published a great article on Kelly and Rosenthal and exploring how they could (or maybe should) be pitching for the Cardinals.

4. For those that are historically inclined or even just enjoy learning about the past, then you should always check RetroSimba. He’s got articles up about the history of the Cardinals, but sometimes he links it to the current team. That’s what he did in looking at Peter Bourjos and how he could follow in Delino DeShields’ footsteps. I also really enjoyed his look at how Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were fans of Stan The Man.

That’s just a little bit of what I’ve been reading. If that doesn’t give you enough to scratch your Cardinals itch for the day, Aaron Miles FastballĀ also compiled a set of links that might help you find even more to read. That’s all for now from my little piece of the Cardinal Utopia. Just one last shameless plug: C70 and I will be hosting UCB Radio tomorrow night at 10PM Central/11PM Eastern. If you would like to hear my ramblings in a vocal form, just follow this link and listen in.

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