Just What I Needed

I was just talking about how I needed something to talk about, and the Cardinals came through. They had a press conference yesterday and gave me some news to talk about and write about.

The first piece of news was that Matheny had been given a contract extension. This wasn’t too surprising for many different reasons. Matheny was going into the last year of his contract. Managers don’t like to be on the last year of their contract, because that can possibly undermine their authority because the players aren’t sure if they’ll be back next year. So, the players will either play well for the manager because they want to have the manager come back or they won’t care because they think the manager won’t be back the next year. Because of that, most managers don’t ever have their contracts run out, but either retire or get fired.

Also, you can say what you will about Matheny, he has gotten the club deep into the postseason both of his first two years. He led them to the NLCS last year and the World Series this year. I’ve questioned some of his moves at times, and that won’t change, but the results speak for themselves. You can’t be a horrible manager and your teams get deep into the postseason like that.

What I do fin interesting about the contract extension, though, is that Matheny gets 3 more years added to his contract, which puts him as the Cardinals skipper through 2017. Mo’s contract is only through 2016. That’s only moderately interesting, though, and I suspect that they’ll be giving Mo a extension in the next year or two.

The next piece of news was that Carpenter is retiring. Alot of us had suspected this, and I think near the end of the season, everyone knew it was the end of his wonderful career. Alot of people were giving their thanks on Twitter, and I would just like to say that he was a great competitor. He was a great pitcher. Game 5 of the 1011 NLDS will stick forever in my mind as one of the best pitching performances that I ever got to witness. Starting 3 games in the 2011 World Series was also amazing. He will be missed on the mound, but hopefully he won’t be away from the Cardinals for long. I hope that the Cardinals will give him an assistant to the pitching coach job or something, but I can understand if he would like some time away to spend with his family first. We’ll see how that develops.

The last piece of news from the press conference was that Ryan Jackson had ben put on waivers and snatched up by the Astros. I didn’t really see that coming. I was moderately surprised by it. Jackson looked really good last year in Memphis to begin the season. People were crying out for the Cardinals to put him in the majors and take over for Kozma. I can’t really argue with them, because at the time, the numbers supported it. Jackson did end the season on a lower point, though, and never got a real shot to play with the Cardinals. I hope that he has a chance to play with the Astros and gets a shot to be in the MLB.

The one piece of news outside of the press conference was that the Rangers and the Tigers had been able to make a deal. The Rangers will be giving up their second baseman, Ian Kinsler, to get Prince Fielder from the Tigers, who will pay part of his contract. I think this is a horrible trade for the Rangers, but that’s not really what I wanted to talk about here. The Cardinals were rumored to be looking into Profar or Andrus because they had two MLB-level shortstops and the Cardinals might have been able to get one. Now, it looks like Profar will take the 2B job that was vacated by Kinsler, and so it’ll take more to pry one of them away at the very least. It might be that the Cardinals won’t get either guy now. I’m still hoping that the Cardinals can work a trade for Tulo, but that’s still just a recurring dream right now. Somewhere, someway, the Cardinals will get a SS this offseason. It just might take a little while to get around to it.

Well, here’s one last push for the Cardinal Blogger Awards. Tomorrow at noon is when the voting closes. You have until then to get your votes in. I look forward to reading everyone’s choices, including the fans. I always find voting for these things interesting because you get to see what everyone’s perspective on things is. It gives me a little more rounded view of things when I get to see everything through other people’s eyes as well as mine. Be on the lookout for mine to post on here tomorrow morning.

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