What to write about…

What to write about….. What to write about….. Hmmm…. It’s been kinda slow around MLB since the World Series ended. I mean, this happened. But beggars can’t be choosers.

One thing that has happened is that Skip Schumaker has been signed by the Reds. I don’t like it, but I understand it. I don’t like it mainly because I hate the Reds. I have never liked them in the slightest. I also don’t like it because I know that Skip is a good player, and I think that at the very least he improves their bench if he doesn’t make it into the field regularly. Seeing a division rival get better always hurts. I understand it from Skip’s perspective. I don’t think he’s close to retiring, and he is finding work where he can. I get that.

I loved Skip when he was with the Cardinals. I have always had a little bit of love for utility/bench players who can play multiple positions and come off the bench. Skip was that guy for a few years. Every year that he played for the Cardinals, he played in all three outfield positions. For 2009-2012, 2B was added to that list. In 2011, Skip even pitched an inning. I love guys like that. I think that’s why I loved Matt Carpenter last year. In 2012, he played both corner outfield spots, 1B, 2B, and 3B. That’s some versatility. I like it. This year, he locked down 2B, but he will probably move back to 3B next year. Either way, his ability to play different positions is always a big draw for me.

On the other news, the SS rumors are still flying around. It’s still mainly Tulo rumors, but there’s Andrus rumors, Profar rumors, Peralta rumors, and more. I am hating all the rumor talk. Give me something concrete. Let me know a deal that was rejected or something that’s actually developing, but I hate the rumors. I wish Mo would come out and say who he’s going after. The rumors drive me crazy. Please.

Last note: the voting for the UCB annual awards is still open. My post will be up Friday morning. You still can get in on it and the results will come out sometime next week, hopefully before thanksgiving.

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