Coaching Moves

Well, the Hot Stove hasn’t really been burning yet. It’s more like a warm bed of coals than a Hot Stove at the moment, but there were a few coaching moves made yesterday that affect the current and former Cardinal coaches.

The first move was that Benji Molina has been hired as the new 1B coach/Catching instructor. This is going to be a good spot for him. He was/is still a good catcher, and anyone named Molina who is going to be working with your catching staff is a good thing. I did like him with the Cardinals. I know that he may not have done much, and he was just the assistant to Mabry, but his presence was probably a good thing for Yadi. Someone unafraid to push him to be better, and someone who could be a great hand to encourage.

Assistant Hitting Coach is not really a position that needs to be filled. Most teams don’t even have someone in that position. But, the Cardinals have done it the last couple of years, with Mabry being McGwire’s assistant last year. I saw something on Twitter, and although I don’t remember who posted it, I think it would be great to get rid of that position and hire on Chris Carpenter as an Assistant Pitching Coach. Carpenter was useful to Wainwright during the season. Wainwright said that Carpenter helped to tell him that he was tipping pitches. Carpenter has helped Wainwright over the years, as Wainwright will try to do for all the young pitchers coming up now. Carpenter would be a great teacher to have as well.

On another note: Dave Duncan has been hired as a pitching consultant/Special Assistant to the GM for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I loved Dave Duncan when he was with the Cardinals. He was a great coach and he is going to be a good down there. I wish him all the best.

On that note, I am truly hoping some other news comes soon. I would like the Hot Stove to turn into a raging fire sometime soon. I am bad at being patient, and waiting is very hard. At least I have the roundtables to keep me occupied for now, and you’ll see my question and the other blogger’s answers on here on Friday.

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