Calling All Cardinals Fans!

I guess that I should be calling all fans. You don’t have to be a Cardinals fan per se, but last night started the voting for the 7th annual Cardinal Blogger Awards voting. It’s that time of year where all the baseball awards are being given out and it’s our turn to give out some awards as well.

This is my first year doing it, so I’m not completely confident about what happens, but I’m pretty confident that the winners of our awards don’t get cool, shiny trophies like they do for all the MLB awards. No, they get something better: the warm fuzzy feeling that tells them that we care.

But for all of this, we want your help! There is a fan vote in this as well! If you head over to the United Cardinals Bloggers website, then you can find the information for the fan ballot there. There are the categories and the nominees there, as well as links to some of the submissions and things for the categories. Also there, you will find the Google form which was set up to be able to give you guys (the readers and the fans) the ability to vote.

There are multiple categories for voting. Some are for players and games. Some are for blogs and bloggers. If you don’t know of who to vote for a category, don’t worry. You’ll do just fine. I promise.

I’ll have my ballot out in a couple weeks, and I’ll post it on here for everyone to see what my thought processes were in my voting. I hope that you guys take the time to do it, because this is one of the funnest projects that I think the UCB does all year. Don’t forget to check out the roundtables, too. It’s been awesome being a part of them, and I’ll have my question as well as the other bloggers’ answers on here next friday.

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